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Gain. Loyal. Modern

It is the solution for the retailer that expose its brand and promotions, monitor its customer base, give them access to personalized information and therefore increase their loyalty.

The retailer can create client or group of clients personalized business card providing them with information such as his brand, phone number, email, sites access, and branches. It can include ads such as promotions, loyalty information or any other documents he feels necessary.

Furthermore, the retailer can put search criteria in his profile and cards allowing clients to find him when searching for the retailer or retailer of certain product or brand.


Registration as a Merchant can be done very easily through many ways such as his mobile number or email address, his QR or NFC without filling up a lot of information. With MySmartContact, the merchant will get an access to up-to-date information about his customer without any intervention when changing any of his credentials.

No big efforts

The retail solution, available through the web, does not require big integration efforts. A simple excel file containing any of the client’s credential could be enough. MySmartContact will update the retailer about registered clients’ credentials such as mobile number, email address, physical address birthdate.

How to communicate

The dedicated communication channel between the retailer and its clients will allow the retailer to update his clients of any change (change address, telephone number, adding branches) or to provide them with updated loyalty information, new promotions, new arrivals, etc. The messaging channel put at retailer disposal would allow the retailer to send messages to his registered client. A client can reply to his messages.

What is more

An addition, MySmartContact will update the retailer regularly about new clients not registered, changes in client data, promotion distribution and reading, message distribution and who replied and what.

To get the full benefit of MySmartContact, the retailer shall invite clients to download the app and make visible to him the requested information (e.g. email address or mobile number, home address, birthdate).



  • Quality over quantity: A clean database of active subscribers will increase you reach and leave you with better quality to personal data of customers and contacts. This will enable you to increase personalisation and create more relevant marketing content. This, in turn, will help to build more loyalty with the potential to increase response rates and conversion rates
  • A case for better data management tools: With the need to refine personal data management processes to be fully compliant, GDPR presents a strong business case for marketing managers to justify increased investment in more extensive data audits and data management tools for more effective marketing and communication activities. This ‘refreshed’ data can provide new insights about customer preferences from the information they want to receive to the frequency and method of contact. With improved communications and more engaged customers, response rates are likely to increase and potential new business opportunities may arise
  • A chance to reconnect: The requirement to contact data subjects for ‘re-consent’ and to update them on your GDPR processes presents an ideal opportunity to re-establish an existing connection and increase engagement. This action may also ignite potentially dormant customers, who may decide to become more active with your organisation’s services and products going forward. The option to select preferences when doing a re-consent request (i.e. confirming your data protection policy with confirmed subscribers and requesting consent under GDPR for continued communications) will provide fresh insight into your customers and help to inform and improve your future communication strategies and messaging
  • An easier way to do business: Under GDPR, business activities are likely to be more robust and easier to execute between European Union (EU) countries, with GDPR aiming to align data protection laws across the EU. This will enable data to move more freely and safely between countries, which in turn will improve trust between organisations and individuals. GDPR is also helping to encourage privacy by design to ensure GDPR is applied at every step. From more transparent privacy notices to more robust IT software that will process personal data securely from the point of consent, privacy by design has the potential to reduce data breaches and save time reviewing personal data processes as an afterthought. This will ensure continued compliance and demonstrate to your employees, customers and business contacts that you are taking all the necessary steps to be responsible with personal data at every stage
  • The potential to build loyalty and trust: Better quality data that is lawful, fair, transparent and obtained for a valid purpose with full consent will help to restore trust and encourage engagement between individuals and organisations. With GDPR bringing more transparency to the personal data exchange process, individuals will be more confident to sign up to marketing communications and engage with the brands they love and the organisations they want to hear from

Gain new clients via global search in case

  • Client may want to find the retailer he is looking for by e.g. retailer’s name, products and/or brand sold by that retailer
  • Clients having the retailer’s credentials in their contact list and not registered on his client’s list
  • Clients having retailer outdated credentials

Improve clients loyalty

  • Easy and fancy interface for clients (through MySmartContact mobile app) to access online and in real time information from retailer (promotions, loyalty information such as statement, redemption program, personalized offers)
  • The retailer can automatically send personalized messages to specific dates or events (birthday, first registration welcome package)
  • MySmartContact will deliver messages and adds to the mobile handsets of the client, even without retailer having client mobile number
  • Feedback as client reply to messages send by the retailer
  • Retailer can easily allocate client base to groups (women, young, high spender) and provide them with customized programs, ads, and messages

Get Connected: simple, fast and easy client enrolment

  • At the retailer (cashier or any other place) either through client MySmartContact mobile app (NFC, reading QR), or simply providing client personal information such as a mobile number or email address. No need for paperwork. For MySmartContact registered client, details information of the client will be automatically provided to retailer

Stay Connected

  • Never lose a client: you will be informed about changes in client’s profile such as address, or telephone number, email address
  • All your clients will be automatically updated when changing information shared with them such as promotion, additional branches, change in phone number
  • The feedback on message send would improve the interaction between the merchant and its clients’ base

Securely Connected

  • Your client list is only visible to you
  • Your cards are visible either to everyone or to pre-selected clients

Always Connected

  • Your profile, cards and clients’ list are stored in the cloud
  • Permanent access to your data, your client’s data, your ads, messages, and reports is available anywhere, at any time and from any computer

Be Always Up-to-date

Get notified when any of your clients updates his information, e.g. home address, phone numbers, emails.

Have Your Contacts Always Updated

Any change in your profile will update automatically your cards. Your contacts having access to those cards will be automatically synchronized and notified.

Be in Trend and Save Your Time

Exchange e-cards and sync card data across multiple devices through the cloud. Share your business cards in any convenient way (via SMS, email or inside the app).

Scan business cards with QR codes without entering the data manually.

Send Greetings

“Greeting” is a message that can be sent at any time and on any occasion to one of your contacts or even to the group of contacts. Depending on the event, create Birthday, Christmas, Jubilee or other wishes and send them to one of your contacts or to the chosen group. What is more, your contacts can respond to your Greetings.

Feel the Care

Even if something happens to your phone or tablet, all your contacts are completely safe with MySmartContact.

Our most important task is to ensure the security of your data. Personal data are stored in encrypted form, or in a secure file storage. Access to the database is also encrypted. Data storage is based in Europe/Germany.

We appreciate the trust of our customers and responsible attitude to their data protection. That is why MySmartContact emphasis on security, compliance and privacy standards. Data storage based in Germany.

Manage Your Data

Organize your list of contacts in any convenient way for better search or greetings sending.

Add customized tags to create groups easily and search through your address book.

No Problem to Transfer Data

With MySmartContact, your profile, cards, and contacts data are backed up in the cloud. You can easily copy them to any of your Android or iOS devices without the risk to lose any of them.

Smart people are smart in all ways. Let your contacts be smart as well.