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MySmartContact bringing end to end solution for GDPR based optimization of communications and Contacts management

"Data should empower you! People want apps that help them do what they want and need to do - without spying on them. Apps that don’t have an ulterior motive of  distracting them with propositions to buy this or that. People will pay for this kind of quality and assurance." Sir TIM BERNERS-LEE


 Keep your corporate directory filled and up to date about your customers and let them always be seamlessly updated about any modification in corporate assignments.

  • A clean database of active customers will increase (corporate) reach, increase personalisation and create more relevant marketing content. MSC helps to build more loyalty with the potential to increase response rates and conversion rates
  • With MSC bringing more transparency to the personal data exchange process, individuals will be more confident to sign up to marketing communications and engage with the brands they love and the organisations they want to hear from
  • Reassignment of the card to another user (due to allocation of a function to different employee) will be completely transparent to the customer having MSC
  • Corporate may dynamically add/change attachments to complement the corporate card with necessary information (company leaflet, white paper link, press release summary) which will be seen by MSC authorized users
  • MSC ensures that Personal cards as well Corporate cards can coexist under the same mobile application. Only the data of corporate business cards with their connections are communicated to the corporation
  • MSC notifies (corporation), if consented, when its contacts join new companies, get promoted or change phone number