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Swift. Easy. Smart

A perfect choice for sociable and business people whose passion is to stay connected with others. Don't worry anymore about losing your contacts or missing some changes in your friends or colleagues lives.

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Create and share your business e-cards depending on the situation and your needs, personal or professional. Set proper contact info while changing geographical location. Get notified about merchant promotion simply by adding that merchant to your contact list.

Upload your existing contacts from your phone and invite them to join. We will take care of the rest.



  • Right to be forgotten/erasure: Users to request that personal data be deleted or removed in certain circumstances, such as withdrawal of consent, or when that data is no longer accurate
  • Right to change data: Users can also request change and/or update any details that are inaccurate
  • Right to portability: Users will be able to demand that organisations provide them with all the personal data they hold on them, in order to transfer it easily to another provider
  • Right to access: Users will be able to demand any organisation to provide them with access to their personal data and relevant “supplementary info"

Get Connected

  • Add to your contact list those people having your credentials and who are not part of it
  • Add to your contact list those people having your outdated credentials to reconnect them
  • Share business e-cards remotely via SMS, email, social media or just inside the app
  • Easy exchange in person of business cards through NFC, Airdrop, QR scan, Paper scan

Stay Connected

  • Never lose a contact if once connected via MySmartContact
  • Get rid of unsolicited calls by easily changing your phone number
  • Your contacts are always up-to-date with any changes in your company, job title, addresses or numbers changing
  • All your contacts will be updated when your shared information is changed
  • You can select your preferred mobile number you want to be called on (e.g. when roaming)

Securely Connected

  • Your contact list is only visible to you
  • Your contacts are backed up in the cloud
  • Your cards are only visible to your pre-selected contacts

Always Connected

  • Your profile, cards, and contacts are stored in the cloud
  • Easy and straight forward change of mobile phone, even with different operating systems (IOS and Android)
  • Always available and updated on all your devices

Be always up-to-date

Get notified when your contacts join new companies, get promoted or change phone numbers.

Be informed about followed user’s activity or info update and track the activity of your contacts.

Have your contacts always updated

Any change in your profile will update automatically your cards. Your contacts having access to those cards will be automatically synchronized and notified.

Be in trend and save your time

Exchange e-cards and sync card data across multiple devices through the cloud. Share your business cards in any convenient way (via SMS, email or inside the app).

Scan business cards with QR codes without entering the data manually.

Send Greetings

“Greeting” is a message that can be sent at any time and on any occasion to one of your contacts or even to the group of contacts. Depending on the event, create Birthday, Christmas, Jubilee or other wishes and send them to one of your contacts or to the chosen group. What is more, your contacts can respond to your Greetings.

Feel the care

We appreciate the trust of our customers and responsible attitude to their data protection. Even if something bad happens to your phone or tablet, all your contacts are completely safe with MySmartContact.

Our most important task is to ensure the security of your data. Personal data are stored in encrypted form in a secure file storage. Access to the database is also encrypted. Data storage is based in Germany - Europe.

Manage your data

Organize your list of contacts in any convenient way for better search or Greetings sending.

Add customized tags to create groups easily and search through your address book.

No problem to transfer data

With MySmartContact, your profile, cards, and contacts data are backed up in the cloud. You can easily copy them to any of your Android or iOS devices without the risk to lose any of them.

Smart people are smart in all ways. Let your contacts be smart as well.