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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start

MySmartContact is an application, that helps to manage all the contacts with ease and without any difficulties. Creating your personalized business cards, you can make them public or private, share with friends or colleagues, highlight your company and increase your sales. There are several different plans, each plan has its own advantages, to learn more, please, visit

It depends on tariff plan that you’ll choose.
You can use MySmartContact on all the devices running on Android (v4.1 and higher) and iOS (v8.0 and higher). The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play store.
The Card is a full analog of a business card, but electronic version.You can completely fill your card, add attachments, share with friends or colleagues, and what is more, it can be public or private. In other words, you can give an access to your cards to a limited number of people. In some plans, cards can be only public, while in others they also can be private and shared only with a certain group of people.
Definitely! Just install the app on all your devices & login with the same username and password. After your confirmation, MySmartContact will sync your contacts across all your devices.
Yes. If you will try to add the same contact details of a certain person, that already exists in your list, MySmartContact will clarify this information. In case you have imported 2 similar contacts the application will combine them.
If you’ll try to edit some of your merged contacts, you would encounter the problem, that part of this contact fields or even all of them are locked. And this is totally ok, as these are the fields that contain info from real person profile and why would you want to edit that? But we don't bind you, so you are free to add as many extra fields to this contact as you wish. In this way, contact will contain both clouds verified data and added by you in separated sections.
No matter how wide your contact list is, you always could find and add more contacts. For that matter, you just need to press the Plus button in your Contacts section. This action will reveal the list of possible ways of adding a new contact. And the Search within MySmartContact is the one we are currently looking for. Tapping on it will take you to the Search screen, where you can look for new contacts among MySmartContact users just by entering the name, mobile phone, email or fixed line number to the provided field. You can find a person only if he’s made his contact info public or added you to his card’s access list. The next thing you can find surprising is that search result list could contain the same person several times. This is not some kind of bug, we just offer you this person’s business cards, so you could choose which of suggested contact info you’d like to add and follow. To do that you need to open the found card and tap Add to contacts icon.
After all your contacts will be successfully imported to the cloud, you most probably would receive a bunch of notifications on data conflicts and colored marks are likely to appear next to some of your contacts in the list. You should not be worried about them, as they don’t mean that something went wrong. It's our job to find people among MySmartContact users that match with your contacts perfectly, so we could merge them and keep contacts in your book always full and updated. But sometimes we are not sure if we’ve done everything right and it’s up to you to check. So feel free to tap on those icons and chose one of the offered options to resolve appeared data conflict.

Safety and support

The verification email/SMS should arrive within 1 minute after registration. If you don’t see it in your inbox/messages, please check Spam or contact us directly at

Just install MySmartContact on your device & login - done! After giving an access, the application will automatically backup all the information for you.
Yes. Personal data, as well as users contacts and attachments, are stored in encrypted form, or in a secure file storage. Access to the database is also encrypted.
Almost all the functionality is available in offline mode (create/remove/delete contacts, search contacts, etc.). For sending contact information you just need to use Near Field Communication (for Android), Airdrop (for iOS), Bluetooth and QR codes. If you want to get the updates, you will need the Internet connection.
All you need is to remember the email address or phone number you registered with because you will be asked to enter it for the confirmation email. After that check your inbox and follow the instructions how to change the password in your settings.

For any help, please reach us at

My Account

Since the phone book are not updated by default, it can be done in the settings or directly in the contact list.
No, there is no limit in adding contacts.
You can easily share your personal cards via SMS, email, various social media, or inside the app.
If you would like to delete your account, go to your Settings and press button Delete Account. After that confirm your action and your account will be deleted. Then you can either delete the application from your device or leave it in case you want to reuse it. But you will need to register again.
You can attach files in .jpg, .tiff, .png and .pdf format for Android users. According to your plan, the amount is different.
Yes, it depends on your plan. When changing sim cards all you need is to specify a preferred number, and all your contacts will see the changes with your phone number. If you have the Individual version, you can use several numbers but without specifying the preferred one.
The Greeting is a message to one of your contacts or a group of contacts that can be sent at any time and on any occasion. Create Birthday, Christmas or other wishes and sent them to one of your contacts or to the chosen group, in case you follow each other.
In your settings find Greetings section, push Plus button, select the necessary person or a contact group, write your warm greetings, and your contacts will receive it in a split second. What is more, you can find a group of people among your followers not only by the name but by the certain word or words, once you left as a Note in the contact profile. This feature - making Notes - makes this type of search very convenient for sending greetings to the particular group.
The answer is simple: you can’t. But let's look at it from the bright side: you can always go to this person profile by tapping on his name and call, send a message or continue chatting in some social web by pressing on provided icons next to contact details for this action will open your device’s relevant applications. We didn’t mean to bind you. This is just our way to keep everything simple and clear. We provided you with Greetings feature so you could congratulate your colleagues, customers or friends in very fast and easy way. And we don’t want it to turn into some kind of messenger or social network as we already have plenty of that.
Yes, all the changes like joining a new company, getting promoted or changing phone numbers will be displayed in your Activity log. And visa verse: your contacts will see all your changes.
With MySmartContact you can share business cards via Near Field Communication (for Android), Airdrop (for iOS), Bluetooth and QR codes. Also, there’s a possibility to scan paper business cards to ease cards exchange during meetings, tradeshows or seminars.
You can share with others your e-cards as a QR code. Furthermore, it is not necessary to be MySmartContact user to have the possibility to scan your e-card via QR code scanner. You can share e-cards with people who use another QR codes readers. Moreover, Internet connection is also not necessarily needed.
The scanner will receive the contact information and will create a new contact, or will open an existing contact from your list with the same information if there is such a contact. After that, we will make a search among our users and will merge this contact with an existing profile.

If you have your own questions, please contact us per email


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