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About Us

How often weren’t you able to reach your business partner or client, who suddenly changed his number and the contact with him was regretfully lost? Did you forget your phone or it has been stolen? Did you ever destroy your phone by chance or choose a new one under the different operating system (iOS/Android)? At such moments you dream to change one phone to another in the blink of an eye, and after a minute be connected again.

Or, the last but not the least, you wish you could set a preferred number and make your contacts know about all your changes. But it didn’t happen, contacts were lost, you remained without communication and it was truly disappointing.

We know your pain! Not long ago we felt exactly the same. But take it easy, we created a solution! Let’s start the new era of managing your contacts.

Please welcome on stage…


This application was originally meant to keep together friends, family members, and business contacts, so they always stay in touch and are informed about changes in any contact details. The story started from a simple idea of creating a contact manager app, however, after a while, it turned into the development of indispensable assistant for both businessmen and travelers as well as for managers of small and medium-sized businesses. We wanted this app to be always with you and at all times at hand, like a reliable assistant or faithful companion.

The most important thing, that this application was created not only for the in-job generation but also for our children and the retired friends. We wanted to make sure that everybody can afford to stay barrier free in contact with people they know and want to stay in touch.

In our opinion, nothing is more important then to call your friends and family wherever you go. We want to make it real and possible.

And what we offer to you is to move forward with us.

MySmartContact: Stay Connected


Kai Ueabach

Kai Uebach

Managing Director and Board Member

A distinguished ICT executive with a track record of achievements in building world class operations that deliver strong market and financial results as well as create value to shareholders. Kai has a multinational experience spanning many leadership positions from EMEA Siemens MN President to Chairman of the Board of many GSM operations across the world until current Managing Director of Whitestone Communication Networks.


Dr. Abdallah Tourbah

Board Member

A visionary for both technology and humanity developments. General Manager of Siteg Telecom FZLLC, he is also a member of various boards in the ICT domain. As founder and General manager of Siemens MN HQ in ME he assured Siemens sustainable growth for more than 7 years. With more than 35 years’ experience in the ICT market in R&D, manufacturing, sales and management of complex organizations like Alcatel NV and Siemens AG.

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Niederurseler Allee 8-10 65760 Eschborn
+49 6196 9216 617
+49 6196 9216 617